We believe that there is always a next significant step for every company!

The free market offers opportunities and challenges in equal measure, especially as globalization continues to advance. Expansion as well as increased quality and sales are important factors for the existence of a profitable company. New business areas in existing development operations, company acquisitions, product optimizations and increased efficiency, the possibilities of dynamic business model design and organic as well as synthetic growth are almost unlimited.

The next step always results from the individual starting point and a formulated strategy. Steps taken consistently lead to the next level. With our approach we don’t want to use pre-made concepts, but rather, according to your situation to identify potentials and to work on a tailor-made strategy with you.

We believe in the symbiosis between data-based market analysis and courageous intuition and we stand for a breath of fresh air and complementary skills in important sections of your company’s journey.

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Salome Lassner

Salome Lassner is the CEO and co-founder of NextStep AG.
After more than 20 years of professional experience, she can look back on a large number of successful project piloting in the medical technology industry. With her pioneering spirit, Salome took the leading role in numerous cases of groundbreaking restructuring, product development and business model conception.

One of her strongest quality characteristics as a leader being enthusiasm, she is always able to form committed and assertive teams with a high success rate.

Sustainable knowledge transfer is moreover a protruding aspiration of hers, which is why inspiring workshops as well as extensive training offers constitute an eminent component of her operations as an entrepreneur.

Salome’s sense of interdisciplinary links and cross-industry collaboration make her an expert in creating powerful synergies. Catalyzed by her practical application as a trained tech, her pronounced pragmatism reliably clears the way for unconventional, as well as innovative and targeted solutions.
Her network, which she closely linked through commitment, gives her scope for action in a wide variety of fields of activity.


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